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We receive orders from individual customers for custom made products as well as offering OEM production to corporate clients.


About us

Plaisir Co., Ltd. is a wholesaler of fabric handbags (Edo-style pouches) spinning its traditions and history of more than sixty years into the future. We stick to having our products handcrafted one by one by our craftsmen. We also have one craftsman take charge of a consistent production process from sample making and pattern making to production of large quantities. We receive orders from retailers for Japanese-style bags to be used by Imperial Family members thanks to our elegant and durable products and traditional craftsmanship, which also serves as proof of our reliability and trustworthiness. 


our office:

4-17-12 Sakuragaoka Setagaya-ku Tokyo 156-0054 Japan

fax +81-3-6413-1666

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Plaisir’s Original Brand ‘EDONO’


When Tokyo was still being called Edo, the culture of pouches was already taking root there. ‘Edo-style pouches’, the products which came in handy as fashion items in those days, include ‘gassai-bukuro (versatile pouches)’, so called because various things (gassai) can be put in them, and ‘wallets’, ‘pipe pouches’, and ‘tobacco pouches’, thin enough to be put in kimono sleeves. Plaisir’s products, based on the production of Edo-style pouches, are handcrafted by our craftsmen using the traditional manufacturing methods passed on through generations. They are genuinely thoughtful ‘gifts’ that cannot be mass produced. The brand name ‘EDONO’ has been created by combining ‘DONO’, the Italian word meaning ‘gift’, and ‘EDO’ while infusing our confidence in our ‘E (the sound means nice in Japanese) gifts’.  Our motto is to directly offer our customers ‘Made in Japan’ products that live up to their reputation at fair and reasonable prices.


our online-shop : ikinakireno (イキナキレーノ )





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